Highlighting the competencies of the Nokia Lumia series

Steering a revolution in the history of mobile phones and gadgets, Nokia Lumia has proved to be the trendsetter of the recent times. None of the gadget lover would deny the fact that Nokia Lumia is the smartest of all the smart phones available till date. Adding more to it, all of the series use

We Admit It – We Actually Kinda Sorta Like the Acer CloudMobile

There’s something about the Acer CloudMobile that we like. In our typical fashion, we decided to cover it a little bit later. Most of the initial reviews towards the CloudMobile were a little off the mark in terms of satisfaction. That’s perfectly okay. However, one thing about our Android site is that we think that

Christmas Cell Phone Shopping for the Busy Shopper

Shopping for the holidays is crazy, and it’s even crazier when you’re shopping for a lot tech fans. If you think that you have to deal with long lines and plenty of hassles…think again! The Internet age is definitely in full swing, which means that you’re not going to have to deal with too many

Sony Finally Gets the Green light to Buy Out Ericsson – What Does That Really Mean For the Industry

If you’ve been following the handset makers lately, then you already know that there are a lot of changes that will be getting made over time. You see, innovation has to always be happening in order for cell phone companies to actually sell products. When things get bad, that’s when they start losing money and

The HTC Primo Specs Have Been Leaked – Are You Excited

CES is one of the conferences to watch when it comes to all things tech. Even though it’s not open to the public, there’s always a lot of information that gets passed around. A helpful tipster has leaked some information about a hot new phone coming out sometime, and we think you might be interested

Samsung Nexus S

After the huge success of the Nexus One smart phone, Google teamed up its powerful Android operating system with the Samsung hardware to introduce to the world the best smart phone, which is now known as the “Nexus S.” Comes with an optimal pricing tag, this GSM smart phone has a great list of features

Mobile Broadband For Everyone…Right?

Have you ever been to a hotel that didn’t offer free wireless Internet access? If you haven’t had the pain of not being able to check email while you travel, then you’re very lucky. These days, some hotels are cutting out a lot of features in order to offer better prices to customers. Unfortunately, this

The best phone for each mobile operating system

The smart phone industry is now emerging as the most popular mobile innovation. Here, you can do most things that a regular computer can do: do email, browse the web, play games and of course, the quintessential SMS and Voice services. Nowadays, you can find different operating systems running on mobile phones. Since we treat

T-Mobile G2X – the companion to the G2 sure looks attractive

The T-Mobile G2 has seemingly been announced and released just a few months ago, and now T-Mobile is ready to cash in on the name and get another G2 – but this time, it’s from LG. In a weird twist that must’ve left HTC heartbroken , T-Mobile will be offering the new LG Optimus 2X

A quick overview of the LG Optimus 2X running Nvidia’s Tegra 2

LG was one of the first companies to announce that they will produce a smartphone with a dual core processor, and the first one to actually demonstrate a working prototype ahead of everyone. At CES 2011 they already had a fully working phone ready to go into mass production – the Optimus 2X. Tegra 2

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